The One McDonald’s Menu Item You Should Avoid At All Costs

A McDonald’s restaurant worker has lifted the lid on the food to be fearful of.

McDonald's Big Mac
The Big Mac From McDonald's. Image McDonald's

The McDonald’s menu item fast food lovers should avoid at all costs has been revealed online and you may want to sit down for this.

Keen to learn more about what goes on underneath those hallowed Golden Arches, a thread started up on Reddit asking for fast food workers to share their stories from behind the scenes.

More specifically, fast food fans wanted to know which menu items should be avoided at all costs – and a couple of McDonald’s workers did not disappoint, offering up a conclusive answer to in the process: that the Filet-O-Fish is something approaching the work of Satan.

Asked which item should be avoided, user Call_Me_Feefer, responded: “Fish fillet from McDonald’s, I’ve seen those things sit there for hours before getting served.”

The answer concurred with that of several other users claiming to have been employed by the fast food giants.

“I used to work at McDonald’s. Don’t order our fish patties,” blackjak852 added.

The Filet-O-Fish from McDonald's.
The Filet-O-Fish Image Filet-O-Fish

“No one ever does and I swear some days we’d make a batch and it would sit there all day until someone ordered some.”

Redditor SGkurisu echoed the same statements, revealing: “My McDonald’s kept the fish sandwiches in a super dirty cabinet and spent like five seconds cooking it when it actually gets ordered.”

Details of what goes on behind the scenes at some of the biggest fast food chains on the planet have long been the source of interest among fans online.

loaded previously reported on a Subway sandwich “artist” who revealed to Reddit users which footlong subs should be avoided at all costs.

You have been warned.

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