McDonalds Just Came Out With A New Burger That Has Perplexed An Indian City

Looks delicious to us

McDonald's Big Mac
Classic The McDonald's Big Mac. Image McDonald's

McDonald’s in India has come out with an array of brand new breakfast items, all with a patriotic twist.

Introducing the Masala Dosa Brioche Burger – a McDonald’s adaptation of a classic Indian dish. Traditionally, the Dosa is from the south of India and has a pancake-like appearance, it’s usually filled with a range of vegetables and fermented provisions, and is often served on a banana leaf with chutney and various pickles.

The Masala Dosa Brioche combines these elements but smashes it between a Brioche bun. Judging from the picture released on the chain’s Facebook page – it’s a pretty simple concept, one that garnered mixed reviews before its launch on Friday.


The inspiration behind these innovative new selections comes from a need to satisfy the Indian public. CNN money spoke to Amit Jatia, vice chairman of Westlife Development – the company that owns all McDonald’s franchises in western and southern India.


The Dosa Burger Image McDonald's India


“The new breakfast menu is an amalgamation and blend between the classic continental and Indian offerings. The idea is to provide the customers food products as per their convenience,” he said.

Well, it’s early days yet, so we’ll have to wait and see how the Indian public receives the ‘dosa burger’.

This is not the first time McDonalds India has put forth traditional offerings in their restaurants. The menu also consists of Masala scrambled eggs, the Maharaja Mac Junior burger and the McAloo Tiki burger.


The Maharaja Man Junior Image McDonald's India


The Masala Dosa Brioche Burger is now available at all McDonald’s branches in Mumbai only, but the company says it has plans to expand to other parts of the country.

What a conglomerate of flavour. Do you ship worldwide, McDonald’s India?

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