McDonald’s Is Bringing The Big Tasty Back But There’s A Catch

Customers have been calling for its return and McDonald’s has listened. Sort of.

the Big tasty from McDonald'sImage McDonalds

McDonald’s is bringing its popular Big Tasty burger back to UK in a surprise move few fast food fans could have predicted.

The Big Tasty was one of the most popular burgers on the McDonald’s menu back in the day, prompting some fans to call for it to be made a permanent addition.

Some even went as far as creating an entire Facebook campaign calling for exactly that.

Combining a beef patty with Emmental cheese slices, tomato, lettuce, onion, Beechwood smoked bacon and the company’s signature Big Tasty sauce, it’s a burger that certainly lives up to its status of being “tasty”.

The bad news for those Big Tasty fans is that, while their favourite McDonald’s treat is coming back, it’s only returning for a limited time.

Under the proposed plans the Big Tasty and Big Tasty Bacon will be available from June 28 through to October 3.

McDonald's Big Tasty.
The Big Tasty

That means fans have just three months to consume as many of these meaty treats as possible, without making themselves ill of course.

There could be more announcements to come from McDonald’s soon with any number of new items rumoured to be heading to the menu.

One such example could be a mac ‘n’ cheese toastie which really has to be seen to be believed. Currently on offer in Hong Kong, this new culinary creation would undoubtedly be a huge hit in the UK.

Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

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