McDonald’s Is Rolling Out A Home Delivery Service Across The UK

The fast food giant has set a date for rolling out a home delivery service.

McDonald's entire rangeImage McDonald's

McDonald’s is finally set to roll out a home delivery service in a move that could revolutionise both fast food and takeaway as we know it.

The Big Mac specialists have long offered home delivery in regions as far flung as South Korea and Turkey but have, until now, held off a similar service in the UK.

That’s all set to change, with The Telegraph reporting that McDonald’s is now set to trial home delivery across the UK this June with a view to introducing it permanently, should it prove popular.

McDonald’s UK chief executive Paul Pomroy added that the trial would begin in just a few branches, with a view to gradually scaling up the service to all of the company’s UK chains.

Furthermore, the deliveries would most likely be carried out in partnership with an external company like Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

The move is also set to coincide with the launch of the McDonald’s app, which allows customers to check in to a branch of the Golden Arches on their phone and have orders delivered to their table.

McDonald's Big Mac
The Big Mac From McDonald's. Image McDonald's

It’s likely that the app would also include the option to order online, though that remains pure speculation at this time.

The move comes just days after it was revealed that KFC had partnered up with Deliveroo to allow fried chicken fans to order takeaway from the Colonel Sanders menu.

McDonald’s move could yet spell bad news for the wider takeaway industry though, with the hugely popular fast food chain likely to suck up customers who would have previously opted for other services.

The McDonald’s delivery service launches this June.

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