McDonald’s Gives Us All Another Reason To Be Envious of Canada

Seriously guys, can we just move right now? Like right now?

McDonald's entire rangeImage McDonald's

Canadians have it pretty good. Excellent healthcare, nice weather and a president we all want to be mates with.

But just in case you didn’t realise Canada is possibly the best place on earth, McDonald’s is here to further ram home the point with a brand new menu option that’s only available to America’s rather lovely neighbours.

Now, most people will tell you that there is no way of improving on the genius of the McDonald’s French fries for pure taste and simplicity.

A picture from McDonald's Canada
McDonald's Canada McLovin' it, okay? Image McDonald's Canada

Those people clearly haven’t tried waffle fries from the Golden Arches though and, unless they happen to be living in Canada, the chances are they won’t be anytime soon either.

Part of the new festive menu available in McDonald’s Canada, other unique additions include potato rostis, salted caramel lattes, turtle ice cream sundaes with pecan and even a burger made out of hash brown and bacon.

The waffle fries appear to be the main draw though, with plenty of McLovers based in the US taking to Twitter to express their frustrations at the fact said menu item is not available Stateside.

Those McMoaners should probably spare a thought for anyone in the UK though, where such novelties are almost unheard of.

Still, with so many secret menu options to try, there is more than enough options to keep you coming back – anyone up for a McGangBang for example?

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