McDonald’s Fans Left Furious After Classic Festive Menu Item Scrapped

First they came for our Toblerones then our Maltesers and now this…

Dark Days Image McDonald's/NBC

It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid…that is, unless you happen to be rather partial to one familiar favourite from the McDonald’s festive menu.

These days, it seems like Christmas is coming earlier and earlier with every passing year, as retailers across the country go big on adverts and promotions designed as part of some final, end-of-year push to balance the books.

In the majority of cases, the early onset of these festivities can prove nauseating at best.

There are exceptions to the rule though, with the many festive offerings in the world of food something of a welcome respite and nice change of culinary tact during a time of year associated with cold and largely miserable weather conditions.

McDonald’s is a prime example, with the annual festive offerings giving customers a welcome and tasty alternative to the standard Big Mac or Filet-O-Fish.

Except that, in 2016, it would appear that Christmas has been, sort of, cancelled at the Golden Arches after food website Burger Lad reported that McDonald’s would not be stocking the traditional festive pie.

The McDonald's festive menu.
McDonald's I'm Not Lovin' It. Image McDonald's

A much-loved fixture of the festive menu, this is a mince pie with a difference.

Utilising the unique McDonald’s apple pie casing, the key difference comes in the filling which combines mincemeat (not that kind) along with custard.

In it’s place comes the Chocolatey Banoffee Pie which, while sounding tasty enough, isn’t really that festive and few fans are happy about it either, with several taking to social media to vent their frustrations at the move – as is the norm in these technological times.

Warming, tasty and truly one of a kind, it would appear that McDonald’s don’t realise it’s Christmas time – feed the world with your custardy, mincey, gooey goodness Ronald!

Wait, that sounded all kinds of wrong.

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