McDonald’s Are Making Big Macs and Chicken Nuggets Part Of Its Breakfast Menu

A new trial will also see Quarter Pounders and French Fries available before 10:30am.

McDonald’s is trialling a new initiative that will see established favourites like Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, fries, cheeseburgers and Chicken McNuggets available before 10:30am.

The new All Day Favourites menu is all about giving customers what they want and the plans are likely to be music to the ears of anyone who has ever been hungover on the way to work.

Fans should probably hold off getting too excited though – the All Day Favourites menu is initially being trialled down in Australia [via Mashable].

However further trials could be headed for the UK and US, should the initial roll out prove successful.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said:

“We’re always focused on giving our customers more of what they want, and making some of our customer’s favourites available 24-7 is something they’ve been asking us to do for quite some time.”

A chicken nugget.

McDonald’s is also planning to make some of its popular breakfast menu available 24/7, as the fast food giant looks to tighten its grip on our waistlines.

McDonald’s currently sells around 75 hamburgers a second and feeds roughly one per cent of the world’s population every single day.

That’s 68 million people.

McDonald's Big Mac
Classic The McDonald's Big Mac. Image McDonald's

Australia has proven to be a testing ground of sorts for the fast food giant, which has already trialled a delicious sounding Big Brekkie Burger, which boasts bacon, egg, a hash brown, a beef patty and cheese. Lots of cheese.

McDonald’s are also developing something called a Share Box which includes 2 Big Macs, 2 McChickens, 2 cheeseburgers, 4 packs of medium fries, four medium soft drinks and four regular sundaes.

What a time to be alive.

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