McDonald’s getting chocolate fries this Halloween

But only if you live in Japan.

McDonald's chocolate fries
Inspired or crazy? McDonald's chocolate fries. Image Christopher Jue/Getty

McDonald’s will make a big change to their french fries this Halloween when they bring pumpkin and chocolate sauce to restaurants in Japan.

The fast food chain actually introduced the ‘McChoco Potato’ earlier this year for a limited time, encouraging customers to slather the sauce over the salty fries to create a kind of delicious sweet and savoury combo.

Now, with October 31 fast approaching, McDonald’s in Japan will bring the line back with an appropriate pumpkin twist.

Fries will be served up in a snazzy purple and orange box complete with a witch-on-a-broomstick logo. Accompanying it is a double plastic sachet containing the pumpkin and chocolate sauces for you to drizzle over the chips to your heart’s content.

“The flavors of pumpkin and chocolate went unexpectedly well and it was quite tasty,” said customer Ayano Ishikama in a report from Reuters.

Is this going to be a trick or treat, though? loaded would certainly be up for giving these fries a try, but we’re not convinced McDonald’s should be messing with a classic.

This isn’t the first big McDonald’s switch-up of recent times.

A McCafe restaurant – which has ditched burgers and fries in favour of healthier salads and pastries – has recently cropped up in Paris.

After this and chocolate fries, whatever will they pull out the bag next…?

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