McDonald’s Brings Back Pizza After 20 Years Off The Menu

McPizza is back – but there’s a pretty significant catch

The McPizza Image McDonald's

McDonald’s is bringing back a long-forgotten menu item that hasn’t been spotted in an outlet of the Golden Arches for two decades – the McPizza.

Pizza was first introduced in McDonald’s back in the 1980s as a means of encouraging more customers to eat in the restaurant.

By 1991, as many as 500 McDonald’s outlets across the world sold McPizza but by 2000 the fast food giants had pretty much erased any trace of their foray into the world of pizza.

Part of the problem was that the pizza’s 11-minute cooking time went against much of what the brand stood for. Namely, delivering food, fast.

McPizza Image McDonald's

But now the McPizza is back and loaded is a little confused as to whether this is all part of some elaborate marketing PR wind-up – April Fool’s Day is just around the corner after all.

Not that fans care, with several already taking to Instagram to celebrate the return of the McPizza.

In fact, one fan drove a whopping nine hours to sample the new look dish.

But, as with so many new McDonald’s products, there is a catch. Because while McPizza may be back, it’s currently only available in two locations, both of which are in the US.

It's back And better than ever Image Instagram

At present there are no plans to expand to further outlets, but never say never.

The McPizza isn’t the first McDonald’s flop to live on in selected branches. The McLobster, for example, continues to be sold in certain chains of the fast food giant.

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