May Contain Girl Is The Hottest Instagram Account Known To Man

Sneak a look at the page before it takes over the web.

May Contain Girl
May Contain Girl Image Instagram/maycontaingirl

Page 3 helped to make stars of countless models down the years, including loaded legends like Jodie Marsh, Katie Price and Lucy Pinder, but it’s taken a serious hit in recent years.

Changing attitudes in society mean that restrictions have been placed on newspapers, and the glamour models have had to look elsewhere.

Thankfully though, Instagram is providing these stars with a new way to express themselves, and the social media site offers models the chance to entertain millions online.

One of the places models are showcasing their skills is the stunning May Contain Girl page, which is gaining a reputation for being one of the hottest accounts on Instagram.

The account is run by former Page 3 girls and renowned photographers, with the express aim of creating breathtaking original content for social media.

“We are officially the ONLY website were you will get exclusive original content from all of the top UK glamour cover girls and Page 3 models,” they claim.

The likes of Lucy Vixen, Emma Glover, Courtney Knox and loaded legend Rhian Sugden have all contributed to the Instagram page in recent weeks, and it’s easy to see why the page is getting so much attention online.


The page puts together some of the hottest shoots on the internet, and as the site boasts: “We pride ourselves on producing the most creative, sexy and original shoots on the web – that are simply out of the reach of our competitors.”

While many Instagram models look to branch out on their own online, May Contain Girl is bringing them together to bring Page 3 up to speed with the 21st century.

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