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Matthew McConaughey’s “Power Stance” Is The Meme You Need In Your Life

By Jack Beresford

October 20, 2017

Matthew McConaughey is an actor who enjoys his fair share of adoration from fans far and wide – and with good reason too.

Not only is he an actor of some considerable talent, with shows like True Detective marking him out as so much more than just a pretty face, he also comes off as a pretty likeable guy.

So when he decided to speak before a University of Texas basketball practice, most of those involved were pretty psyched to meet the Oscar winner – but it got even better.

Among the various photographs from McConaughey’s pep talk, one stuck out more than most. It featured McConaughey, halfway through what was no doubt an inspirational talk, striking a sassy, hands-on-hips pose.

It didn’t take long for the image to go viral, with Twitter user Flattop Filipino zooming in on the actor alongside a caption that summed up what pretty much everyone was thinking:

“Idk what McConaughey was saying but it must’ve been fierce af.”

A day later and the image had pretty much gone viral, with Twitter users far and wide weighing in with their own versions of what McConaughey must have been saying.

The image is fast becoming the best McConaughey meme of all time and only makes loaded love him even more.

McConaughey had earlier caught the eye of the watching world during an interview with the Associated Press, to promote The Dark Tower, in which he detailed his drinking exploits among friends, prior to watching Longhorns football games.

“I’ve got a box, and we’ve got 26 of my closest friends,” he said. “We like to get there about an hour and a half early. Get all nice and lubricated for the game and then get it on. 

“We break a sweat in that box. It’s a tiring Saturday.” 

TAILGATE FUN: University of Texas alum Matthew @McConaughey talks about getting ‘lubricated’ and loose at games #longhorns — AP Entertainment (@APEntertainment) October 18, 2017

What a guy. Now if someone could just find a way to get him back as Rusty Cohle for True Detective Season Three, the world would be an even better place.