Matt LeBlanc Talks Cars, Controversy, And Country Life

Clearly not Joey anymore.

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The last series of Top Gear is likely to be remembered as a disaster of sorts. Chris Evans’s departure confirmed that. But there is a man who never gives up, and that is Matt LeBlanc.

Sure, we will forever remember him as Joey from Friends, but the actor is now back for a second time to host Top Gear, and there was a lot he wanted to tell loaded about…

loaded: So how is the new series of Top Gear going? Are you back in the studio?

LeBlanc: We start the studio stuff at the end of February. Right now we’re just shooting all the film. I’ve been to Kazakhstan, Morocco, Vegas, we’re going to Dubai, London – we’ve been all over the place.


loaded: What’s your favourite place you’ve been to so far?

LeBlanc: We shot one film in Malibu. That was kind of nice because I could sleep in my bed. [laughs]

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loaded: Who else are you presenting Top Gear with this series?

LeBlanc: Chris Harris and Rory Reid are the other two main presenters, but they were there last year.


loaded: And that’s all going ok?

LeBlanc: Yeah, yeah. It’s all good, it’s smooth.


loaded: Do you ever argue about which cars you like?

LeBlanc: We argue on camera yeah, that’s part of the show.


loaded: And when is the new series coming out?

LeBlanc: I don’t think we premiere until March so it’s a way away still. We’ll do a big press thing, probably here in the States, and it will be stuff I can talk about because right now I don’t know what I can talk about and what I can’t because I don’t know what’s going to make the cut yet. So it’s a little premature.

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loaded: Do you have a favourite car from doing the series so far?

LeBlanc: I don’t know, you know when you drive so much different stuff it’s hard to say. They’re all fun. I like all cars. Slow ones, fast ones…


loaded: What sort of car do you drive yourself?

LeBlanc: I’m a Porsche guy. So I’ve got a couple of those.


loaded: Does your character on Man with a Plan have a car?

LeBlanc: He’s got a pick-up truck.

LeBlanc caused controversy while performing stunts near the Cenotaph in Westminster Image BBC

loaded: You’re going to have to improve his style?

LeBlanc: Well he’s a contractor so that’s what you need to have.


loaded: Your interaction with the kids on the show is great.

LeBlanc: Yeah, they’re great.


loaded: Do you think about your relationship with your own kid when you’re playing the character and dealing with them?

LeBlanc: Yeah you draw from real life. And the writers have kids so it’s fun, we’re all having fun.

Matt LeBlanc leads the way now Image BBC

loaded: How is your farm?

LeBlanc: It’s good. Doing great. A lot of rain up there right now, everything is nice and green. Fantastic.


loaded: You are looking great! Are you exercising?

LeBlanc: Every day.


loaded: Do you have a tip for staying healthy?

LeBlanc: You’ve got to stay healthy. You’ve got to play hard, you’ve got to work hard.

loaded: You’re such an easy-going guy.

LeBlanc: I try to be.


loaded: And the people love you!

LeBlanc: Ah you’re too kind.


Thanks to Matt for speaking to loaded. You can follow him on Instagram.


Credit: Lucy Allen / HOT Features.

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