Matt Damon Needs To Shut The F**k Up Right Now

Jason Bourne can’t seem to leave the topic of sexual misconduct alone - and it’s painful.

Matt Damon promoting Downsizing.Image Getty

Matt Damon probably isn’t alone in thinking the men in Hollywood who aren’t sexual predators should be talked about more – but he’s wrong, and he could probably do with shutting the f**k up right about now.

As a leading man in Hollywood and one of the so-called “good guys” Damon is in a unique position to set the tone, and an example, as to how men everywhere should be reacting to what is going on in the movie industry right now. Instead, he’s coming out with crap like this:

“We’re in this watershed moment, and it’s great, but I think one thing that’s not being talked about is there are a whole s—load of guys — the preponderance of men I’ve worked with — who don’t do this kind of thing and whose lives aren’t going to be affected.:

Damon made the comments during an interview with Business Insider to promote his new movie Downsizing – and he didn’t stop there.

“If I have to sign a sexual-harassment thing, I don’t care, I’ll sign it,” he added. “I would have signed it before. I don’t do that, and most of the people I know don’t do that.”

Now, here’s the thing Matt: the guys that haven’t done this stuff shouldn’t be the ones we are talking about. Anyone with half a brain cell knows that and, given the fine work you put in writing Good Will Hunting, we kind of thought you would understand that.

Men everywhere – Matt Damon, everyone here at loaded, and everyone guy on the entire planet – needs to stop talking now and listen. Listen to the victims and their horrific stories of abuse. Think on those stories. Don’t make snap judgements or question their veracity. 

Matt Damon in Jason Bourne

And we really don’t need to be celebrating men who don’t sexually harass people in the workplace, either – being a decent human being isn’t an achievement, it should be a requirement. None of us are saints. No one is perfect and no man is above what is going on here. So don’t position yourself as something separate to all of this – this is the society our forefathers built and they didn’t build it with the feelings of our foremothers in mind.

“There’s a difference between, you know, patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right?” Damon previously told Peter Travers in an interview with ABC News. “Both of those behaviours need to be confronted and eradicated, without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated, right?”

Abuse is abuse, Matt. It’s as simple as that. There doesn’t need to be a league table or comparison chart. And Minnie Driver is right; most guys probably cannot understand what it is like to be abused. 

Matt Damon in The Great Wall

They are the lucky ones though. Society is constructed in a way whereby they will probably never have to face that, save for an unfortunate few.

It must be unbearable for someone to exert that kind of sexual control over you. We can’t even begin to imagine but we feel shame and sorrow for those who have experienced it.

But this is all besides the point. Men don’t need to debate this. Men don’t need to plead their innocence. Men need to listen and try to take this stuff onboard and ask how they can do better in the the future. And men like Matt Damon need to shut the f**k up right now. 

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