Matt Damon sports a ridiculous ponytail in The Great Wall trailer

Natural Bourne Hipster?

Matt Damon in The Great WallImage Picture Universal

The first trailer for Matt Damon’s upcoming movie The Great Wall has arrived and with it a ridiculous hairstyle for the Jason Bourne star.

Damon is a man whose hair you can normally set your watch by. Short, functional and ready for action man heroics (well, apart from Behind the Candelabra).

The Great Wall is different, though. In Zhang Yimou’s fantasy epic, Damon sports a ponytail. Something doesn’t feel quite right in the world when the man we know and love as Bourne looks like an East London hipster.

Damon was spotted with the new hairstyle last year when he was in China to film the blockbuster epic.

At the time it spawned a Matt Damon’s Ponytail Twitter feed and led to some amusing exchanges on The Graham Norton Show when Damon was confronted with sexually explicit tweets from fans a little too excited about his new hair.

“[I’d] use his ponytail to steer while he dines upon your lady sandwich,” wrote one over-enthusiastic observer.

But The Great Wall trailer is a strange beast. It’s around 90 seconds of ponytail dodging, steadfastly refusing to give us a glimpse of Damon’s hair in all its glory.

Are they worried it’ll overshadow the movie itself? Could it turn this sweeping epic into a laughing stock? Will it produce more reactions like the ones from Norton’s chatshow?

We’ll find out when the film arrives in February 2017. In the meantime, here’s the full Great Wall trailer to give you a tease of Damon’s hipster look.

At least it’s not a man bun…

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