Matt Damon Hits Back At “Outrageous” Great Wall Whitewashing Claims

"I didn't take a role away from a Chinese actor."

Matt Damon in The Great WallImage Picture Universal

Matt Damon has hit back at the “outrageous” claims of whitewashing being levelled at his new movie The Great Wall.

The upcoming fantasy film, which sees Damon play an English mercenary in the midst of an epic battle between Chinese armies and mythical monsters, has proved controversial amongst fans online.

Damon defended the film by saying his part was always intended for a white actor, and whitewashing only applies to actors playing characters from other ethnicities.

“That whole idea of whitewashing, I take that very seriously,” Damon said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Matt Damon in The Great Wall

“I didn’t take a role away from a Chinese actor. It wasn’t altered because of me in any way,” he added.

Damon went on to say that he believes the the criticism will disappear “once people see that it’s a monster movie and it’s a historical fantasy”.

Whitewashing has been a hot topic in Hollywood recently, and Scarlett Johansson has also courted controversy after being cast in manga adaptation Ghost In The Shell.

Fans can see Damon in action when The Great Wall arrives in UK cinemas on February 17. Watch a trailer below:

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