Matt Damon’s The Great Wall Loses Embarrassing Amount At Box Office

We blame the ponytail…

The Great Wall
Matt Damon The Great Wall Image Universal

If you haven’t seen Matt Damon’s latest movie The Great Wall, you really shouldn’t waste your time with it…

The big, dumb monster movie sees Matt Damon with a ridiculous ponytail battling dragons on the Great Wall of China, and as expected it’s gone down really badly with movie fans everywhere.

As well as being slammed by critics, it’s been revealed that the movie has lost a whole heap of money at the box office too.

The film, which also stars Willem Dafoe, Pedro Pascal and breakout star Tian Jing, is quickly emerging as one of the biggest flops of recent years.

In fact, the film is expected to lose a huge $75m worldwide.

As The Hollywood Reporter reveals, Universal Pictures – who co-funded the film – will be forced to pay out at least £10m, while Chinese film group Legendary Entertainment will also be faced with a big set back after the film performed poorly.

The movie made a disappointing $35m at the US box office, but it took over $266 million in international film markets.

Now, that might sound a lot, but it’s still WAY below what the studio heads were expecting to make with the movie, and the news could actually jeopardise the success of any future collaborations between Chinese and US film studios.

It’s not all bad news for Matt Damon though: a sequel probably isn’t going to happen, so he’ll never have to wear that ridiculous ponytail again. Every cloud…

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