Matchmaker Simona Fusco’s Guide To Scoring Without A Smartphone

The Beverly Hills match maker brings us her essential tips for scoring in real life.

Simona Fusco Matchmaker to the stars

As the founder of elite matchmaking company Perfect 12 Introductions out in Beverley Hills, California, Simona Fusco knows a thing or two about dating.

An actress with over 30 credits to her name who the New York Post once described as “Hollywood’s new IT girl” her cause is certainly helped by the fact she’s absolutely stunning.

Still, the entrepreneur has a pretty clear idea of how to find that special someone and, to her way of thinking, it doesn’t involve a laptop or smartphone.

“With everyone jumping on digital dating, I think chemistry is missing. All you have are impersonal words on a screen,” she told loaded.

“I’ve found the best way to find romance happens when you’re interacting with real live people, out in the real world. There are no secrets about what they look like or how they act,” she added.

“It is an honest meeting and an honest connection, which makes for a better romantic match than any swipe right can offer.”

Talking about a return to the old ways of dating away from the phone or computer screen is all well and good, but how would it work in practice? Fortunately, Fusco has a few tricks up her sleeve that she’s only too happy to share with us.


Be open to meeting someone at any given time

“It could be when you’re headed to get coffee, walking your dog, at a bookstore, or at an art gallery. You should look dapper. I’m not saying dress up. It’s coffee, not a Friday night at the club. Just be yourself and look presentable, which means stay away from looking like you just got out of bed and all you found were board shorts and flip-flops. Your soon be to sweetheart could be standing right behind you with a latte and some love in mind…”

Simona Fusco Knows a thing or two about dating


Try your hand at different types of people

“You might have a wishlist of things you’re looking for in a woman, but don’t be afraid to shake things up! You’re looking for a person that compliments you, not your clone! If she doesn’t tick every box on your list, so what? Don’t let that stop you from finding an amazing woman.”


Be true to yourself

“Don’t try to be the image of what a stranger desires in a mate. Those flames always extinguish themselves. Be proud of who you are! No one else will think you’re an amazing person but you. And that’s who you are, the amazing guy you’ll be seen for.”


Watch out for warning signs

“You might have found a perfect woman who is great in almost every way. Except you notice a few things. So you start to ask yourself questions about what kind of person they are. Does the person party too much? Do they fly off the handle unreasonably? How do they treat their parents, pets, restaurant staff, and others around you? Do they show respect for themselves and people around them?”

“You’re gathering intelligence on them, learning who they truly are. You should look for a positive, satisfied human being who has their life together and doesn’t put down others. Someday, it could be you feeling their wrath and stuck in a relationship you’re not happy with. And don’t think it’ll go away, people rarely change. I know, your dream girl looks amazing, but she won’t be worth the headache if she treats others around you poorly.”

Simona Fusco Dating coach to the stars


Be content with the person you are

“It speaks volumes when a person is confident and happy with whom they are. Confidence is one of the most desirable and attractive traits in a mate. It’s really the sexiest way to a woman’s heart. When you’re confident, you sell a woman on your worth as a mate. She believes you’re great because you believe you’re great.”

To hear more from Simona, head over to Perfect 12 to find out more.

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