Watch: Matador’s Anal Sphincter “Completely Destroyed” In Brutal Bull Attack

The bull’s left horn went 12 inches up Antonio Romero’s rectum.

That's bull Ouch Image YouTube

A Mexican matador suffered serious injuries to his rectum after taking the full brunt of a 1,160-pound bull’s left horn, which went some 12 inches up the bullfighter’s bum.

Antonio Romero’s moment of anguish was captured on camera during a bullfight in Mexico City and makes for uncomfortable viewing.

In the clip, Romero is seen coming off the worse for wear after the bull, named Caporal, saw red.

Evidently in a severe amount of pain, Romero writhed around in agony before being taken away, with the bullfighter subsequently rushed to hospital with severe anal injuries.

Dr. Rafael Vázquez Bayod, who examined the stricken Matador, comfirmed that Romero had suffered “very, very serious damage to his anorectal region”.

He added that Romero’s anal sphincter had been completely destroyed in the attack while his rectum had also been severely damaged.


The goring amounted to around 30 centimetres of penetration with Romero, in truth, lucky to be alive following the attack.

He remains in hospital, where doctors are expected to operate in a bid to repair the damage done.

Bullfighting remains a contentious “sport” viewed with some scepticism around the world. Popular in Mexico, the sport is also widely practicised in Spain and in particular Catalonia.

From January 2012 to October 2016 it was actually outlawed in Catalonia, amid concerns over the cruelness of the practice and the dangers it presents.

However, that band has subsequently been overturned, after the authorities were convinced to reverse the ban on the grounds of “cultural heritage”.

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