Watch: Spanish Matador Gored In The Butt By 1,000Ib Bull

Whatever your opinion on bullfighting, that's got to hurt.

A matador getting gored in the butt.Image EPA

If there’s one golden rule among the matador community, it’s surely that you should never turn your back on a bull.

Julian ‘El Juli’ Lopez evidently missed that particularly lesson at matador school though, resulting in a collision that was either harrowing or hilarious depending on your own views when it comes to bullfighting.

El Juli was performing at the La Santamaria bullring in Bogota, Colombia when this rather unfortunate lesson was learned.

Having dazzled the crowds with a few well-timed taunts directed at the bull in question, Lopez duly turned away from his prey to bask in the glory of his performance.

That was all the invitation his animal adversary needed before charging at his foe.

In a split-second Lopez felt the pain of a bull’s horn, and some 1,000ib of weight behind it, pierce his posterior.

For a moment El Juli was airborne, thrown into the sky by his bull tormentor, who was finally able to exact some sweet revenge on his old adversary.


The resulting footage is painful to watch and, in truth, Lopez was lucky not to escape further injury.

It took the intervention of several colleagues to save his skin. They rushed into the bullring to distract the animal, with El Juli quickly taken away from harm while this happened.

Lopez was subsequently taken to hospital with a 15cm wound on his butt. He’s since undergone surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

You would think the entire incident would represent a lesson learned for El Juli; but you would be wrong.

Lopez has already been gored in the butt once by a bull, back during an event in Seville back in 2016 and evidently hadn’t gleaned anything from that particular experience.

Though he is expected to return to the bullring, he may think twice before showboating like this again.

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