We Should All Be Taking Masturbation Breaks At Work

Taking 'alone time' could boost productivity and reduce stress.

Masturbation breaks
Masturbation breaks Should we be taking 'alone time' at work?

We all have little pick me ups to get us through the working day – whether it be coffee, afternoon snacks, wasting time on Facebook…

However, it’s been revealed that all of us should be setting time in our day aside to do something entirely unexpected: masturbate.

That’s right – it’s hard to believe, but experts are suggesting that wanking at work could be the key to improving our health and brightening up our day.

As Ravishly reports, a quick masturbation break [or “fapping” as they call it] is being described as “the new smoke break”.

They also describes a quick ‘selfie session’ as a great way to reduce stress and ‘boost output and creativity’.

A still from the movie Office Space
Office Space The ultimate workplace movie Image 20th Century Fox

It’s not that uncommon either. A recent survey by Guyfi (admittedly a masturbation booth pop-up company) revealed that around 40% of New Yorkers masturbate during the working day.

So, taking some ‘alone time’ during the day might sound like a pretty weird idea, but it could actually be an amazing way to boost your performance and make yourself a better worker.

Still, we’d think about proposing it to your boss – getting paid to masturbate isn’t everyone’s idea of value for money…

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