Marvel Reveals Whether Deadpool Would Be Able To Regrow His Own Penis

Could Merc with a Mouth grow back his 'cock and balls' if he had to?

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Deadpool Ryan Reynolds as Merc With a Mouth Image Marvel

There’s a reason Deadpool is the cockiest superhero ever, you know…

As fans will know, Deadpool is known for his powers of regeneration, and we all saw Ryan Reynold’s Merc with a Mouth begin to regrow his hand after it was cut off during the 2016 movie.

Ever since then countless dirty-minded Marvel fans have all been asking the same question: ‘Would Deadpool be able to re-grow his own penis?’

Marvel comic book creator Rob Liefeld was asked the question during a recent promo tour for his new work Deadpool: Bad Blood, and he didn’t disappoint with his answer.

When posed the question, Liefeld told Inverse rather bluntly: “Yes, yes. We would never, ever live in a world where Deadpool can’t regenerate his own cock and balls.”

So, Merc with a Mouth can breathe a sigh of relief – if he ever gets his balls blown off, he can always just grow them back.

Hugh Jackman in X-Men: Origins - Wolverine
The Wolverine Hugh Jackman as Logan Image Picture 20th Century Fox

Interestingly, Liefeld was also asked whether Wolverine would ever be able to do the same thing, and he offered up a very different answer.

As comic book fans will remember, Wolverine has a very painful run-in with the Punisher in the comics, which saw the Punisher shoot him in the nether regions and say: “They’ll grow back.”

Offering his own insight into the equation, Liefeld said that Wolverine’s regenerative qualities will have been altered by the work of Weapon X scientists.

“The adamantium skeleton gives you a whole different dimension on Wolverine,” he added, not offering a confirmation either way.

Of course, Adamantium was never administered to Wolverine’s penis, so even if he did fully recover from being shot in the crotch, it’d still be damn painful…

Meanwhile, Deadpool fans were split recently after it was announced that Josh Brolin is playing Cable in the upcoming sequel. loaded, for one, is NOT happy about it.

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