Trips To Mars: The Grim Reality Of Space Travel In The Future

Here's hoping they aren't claustrophobic...

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Travelling to Mars does not sound like the romantic journey many are making it out to be.

First of all, there is the horrendous motion sickness which every astronaut gets once they leave earth’s atmosphere, then the swollen face from body fluids going the wrong way thanks to zero gravity.

Now it seems, they’ll probably go through all this while cramped in a tiny flying tube for three years.

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This is according to NASA who released a document by William H. Gerstenmaier, the head of NASA’s human exploration and operations directorate. The furore seems to be due to a new law Trump recently signed, that says humans will be traveling to Mars by 2033.

NASA’s plans sound terrible if we’re honest and are broken into four steps.

Phase 1 involves six SLS rocket launches between 2018 and 2025, to explore Jupiter and build a space station near the moon.

Phase 2 sounds the worst because four astronauts will spend 400 days in a 41-ton tube to test Deep Space Transport.


If that goes according to plan, then in Phase 3 another rocket will take the Mars crew to the red planet where they will orbit but not land – once again in a tube.

The last phase is beyond 2033 and even more ambitious, Gerstenmaier writes in the report that the last mission will be about “development and robotic preparatory missions” to deliver habitats and supplies to the surface of Mars, plus eventual “Mars human landing missions.”

Perhaps they should focus on better traveling conditions first.

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