Married Men Who Pay For Sex See It As A ‘Necessity’ Claims Study

These statistics are pretty alarming

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A new study has discovered that a vast majority of married men see paying for sex as a necessity.

The data was collected by Victoria Milan, an Australian dating website primarily aimed at married people who are looking to have affairs.

Victoria Milan has nearly five million users, which doesn’t exactly bode well for the state of marriages around the minute. 

The site surveyed 6000 married men and found that most don’t actually enjoy soliciting sex but rather see it as a necessity, like food and shelter. Wow.


Other statistics gathered are equally worrying, with 45 percent of lads surveyed claiming they’d paid for sex before and a quarter of those claiming they still pay for intercourse at least once a week.

“Men love sex and need to have it regularly, and escorts meet that demand,” stated Sigurd Vedal, the founder and CEO of Victoria Milan in a press release, seemingly justifying evasive actions.

It seems they love it so much, that regard for everything else, including their wife goes out the window.

The reasons why men so often seek out prostitution allegedly includes not being able to find a reliable person to cheat with. On top of that, many of the guys believe their spouse is unable to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

Pretty grim find there if you ask us…

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