Mark Clattenburg’s 5 Funniest Refereeing Moments

The Premier League’s finest will soon be gone but never forgotten.

Mark Clattenburg in the Premier League.
Mark Clattenburg The final goodbye? Image Getty

So it’s over. Mark Clattenburg has gone, never to return to the Premier League again after taking up a big money role officiating games in Saudi Arabia. 

The man affectionately known as Clatts by precisely no one has signed up as the Head of Referees in the Middle East on what is likely to be a rather lucrative one-year rolling contract.

So like that, he’s gone but fans can console themselves with the fact that, while Clattenburg will never dish out another red card or dodgy penalty in the Premier League or Champions League for that matter, his legacy will live on.

Here are five of his most comedic moments in the beautiful game.


The Dash

Because no one can pull off an overlapping run quite like Clatts.



That Pose

Who needs Ronaldo when you can pull off his free kick pose to perfection.



The Love

Mind you, it helps that you can count Cristiano among your top football mates



The Lizard

Not that everyone is in Clatt’s good books, as this reaction to Pepe shows.



The Tattoo

But whatever happens, he’ll always have the memories thanks to that top tatt.

Goodbye Clatts – we’ll miss your Ronaldo-loving, Lizard-licking ways! Especially with perma-bell-end Mike Dean still doing the rounds.

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