Social media shows Mark Clattenburg red card for Champions League tattoo


Football red cardImage Picture Alex Livesey/Getty Images

He was the only Englishman to reach the finals of this year’s Champions League and Euro 2016 tournaments, and referee Mark Clattenburg seems very keen to remind everyone of the fact.

Despite the fact the finals were broadcast to million and were no doubt Sky+’ed by MC, he’s made the achievements even more permanent… in the form of a pair of tattoos of each trophy.

The ink was revealed by Clattenburg’s tattoo artist, who wrote on social media: “It’s not every day you get to tattoo the world’s top football referee.”

Clattenburg’s Euro 2016 tattoo is so detailed it even features the trademark symbol. Now that’s authenticity.

Next season when Clats brandishes a card the offending player will instantly be reminded of the ref’s sporting achievements. Any England international will no doubt feel a sting of regret at their terrible Euro 2016 showing.

Twitter, naturally, has had a field day with #ClatsTats. Could you imagine David Elleray doing this?! Here are some of the very best responses to his new ink…

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