Mario Balotelli immortalised with his very own alcoholic shot

At last! A Mario Balotelli shot even Manchester United fans can enjoy.

Mario Balotelli could be heading out of the door at AC Milan.
Not so Super Mario Balotelli had a tough time at Liverpool. Image Valerio Pennicino

Most Manchester United fans have probably seen enough Mario Balotelli shots to last a lifetime, given the starring role the Italian played in Manchester City’s infamous 6-1 demolition of the Red Devils a few years back.

Mind you, there are probably a few Liverpool supporters who wish they had seen a few more shots from the 26-year-old during his disastrous stay at Anfield.

In either case, there may finally be a Balotelli shot both these sets of supporters can enjoy and, best of all, it will only set them back just €3 or around £2.50.

First discovered by the man himself, on Twitter, Balotelli’s realisation that he had been immortalised in alcoholic shot form must have been a shock, especially when he realised that, rather than it be a subtle dig at his form, the combination of spirits sounded quite nice.

A screenshot from Mario Balotelli's Twitter account.

Mixing a bit of Bailey’s with some Kahlua and Tequila thrown in for good measure, the shot could also form the basis of an excellent drinking game.

With Balotelli now plying his trade in Nice, one of the leading lights of France’s Ligue 1, fans can now tune into his games on BT Sport.

The rules of the game can be simple enough too: one shot for every attempt on goal and three for every goal scored.

Having bagged a brace on his first start, against Marseille no less, things could get messy.

Then again, as Liverpool fans can attest, things may not play out that way.

Still, drink enough of these and perhaps that whole Balotelli winning the Ballon D’Or thing will suddenly sound like a reasonable idea…Baloi

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