Marcelo Bielsa quits Lazio after two days but he’s still some way off record

The Argentine’s exit was premature but nothing compared to Leroy Rosenior.

Bielsa backs out The Argentine won't be managing Lazio. Image Getty

Marcelo Bielsa’s two-day stint as manager of Lazio may rank among the most ridiculous in the history of football but it is still some way off being the shortest.

The Argentine departed the Serie A side just 48 hours into his reign with club legend Simone Inzaghi stepping in, in his place.

Details as to why Bielsa departed are unclear but, after leaving previous clubs Athletic Bilbao and Olympique Marseille under something of a cloud, it was unlikely to have been well received.

Some are even suggesting he is set to return to the role of Argentina national team manager, having previously coached the team from 1998 to 2004, guiding the Albiceleste to their last major piece of silverware, at the Olympics, in his final year in charge.

Marcelo Bielsa is gone.
Marcelo Bielsa is gone. But not soon enough to break the record. Image ANDRES PINA/PHOTOSPORT

Bielsa’s 48-hour stint in charge of the Rome club will undoubtedly go down as one of the most absurd in the history of the game but he still has some way to outstrip Leroy Rosenior.

Rosenior is the current unofficial record holder for the shortest managerial stint at any one club, having been in charge of Torquay United for all of 10 minutes back in 2007.

10 minutes. That’s barely even enough time to make a sandwich.

The story goes that Rosenior, who had previously managed Torquay from 2002 to 2006, was appointed head coach on May 17, 2007, replacing the outgoing Keith Curle.

But just 10 minutes later, he was out of a job in what remains the shortest managerial reign in the history of England football, if not the beautiful game as we know it.

Ro-see-yah! Leroy didn't last long...

Rosenior’s 10-minute reign was the result of a takeover bid, which saw a local consortium purchase Torquay in the immediate aftermath of his appointment.

They wasted little time in appointing Colin Lee Chief Executive of the club, with Lee’s first move being to appoint former Gulls player Paul Buckle as manager.

Which meant there was no room for Rosenior at Plainmoor.

Now a pundit for the BBC, Rosenior has so far resisted the urge to return to football management. We can’t think why.

Bielsa is highly unlikely to do the same though.

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