Man With “DEVAST8” Face Tattoo Struggling To Find Work

Some guys just can’t catch a break.

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An unemployed man from New Zealand has launched a Facebook appeal calling on others to help him find a job.

It follows several months of unemployment which may or may not be down to the fact he has a tattoo on his face that reads: “DEVAST8”.

There is a sad story behind Mark Kropp’s unfortunate inking though. The tattoo was seemingly the result of a drunken night with his brother and cellmate, whom he was serving a two-year sentence alongside for aggravated robbery.

Originally, the plan was for the tattoo to be much smaller, running along Mark’s jawline.

However, things changed after the pair got drunk on a heady alcoholic concoction that mixed fermented apples with sugar and bread.

Kropp awoke to find a far larger tattoo on his face and life has pretty much never been the same since.

“I am regretting it…I was going through a rough patch,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

New Zealander Mark Cropp.
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“Part of jail life, you get people with tattoos and you look at them, step back, ‘Watch out for that guy’ sort of thing.”

Kropp has struggled since coming out of jail, with many prospective employers taking one look at the inking before determining him as unsuitable for the role at hand.

Some have even been under the impression Kropp’s tattoo was gang related, something he is keen to dispel.

“At the end of the day [devast8] is my nickname, it’s not gang affiliated. I shouldn’t find it hard to communicate out in society,” he said.

“I’ve gone into a couple of places [to find work]. One employment place turned around and said to me that ‘I wouldn’t even employ you with that on your face’. I’ve had other people who shrugged and laughed at me.”

It was enough to prompt Kropp to take action, posting a picture of himself on the Auckland Jobs Facebook page in the hope of securing some work.

The Mark Cropp Facebook Appeal
The Mark Cropp Facebook Appeal Image Facebook

And while the post has gone viral, it has yet to yield any job offers as yet, though there may be some good news – Cropp has been contacted by a laser tattoo removal company from Auckland that has offered to remove the inking free of charge.

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