Man Supposedly From The Year 2021 Makes Bold Predictions For The Future

Although he appears to be 25, the man is actually a 50-year-old. Apparently.

A man from the future.

A man purporting to be from the year 2021 has made a series of bold predictions for the future of the world and life as we know it.

The Mirror reports that the mystery man was first ‘discovered’ when the website Paranormal Elite received a phone call from the mystery individual, who claimed to be from the year 2021.

He went on to reveal to Paranormal Elite that he had been working on a ‘government project’ but is now living in hiding in South America.

The mystery man, named ‘Noah’, has previously suffered from both anorexia and depression according to Paranormal Elite.

In a video sent to the conspiracy theory website, the man said he was from the year 2021 and was under the influence of medication that made him appear 25, rather than his real age, 50.

He told Paranormal Elite that time travel had actually been invited in 2003, but was only made available to the public from 2028.

He also went on to make a series of predictions for the next few years, by way of apparently proving the validity of his claims.

During an emotional interview, the man predicted the following things will happen in the next few years:

  • Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020.
  • By 2021, Electric cars will be able to drive 600 miles on just a single charge.
  • ‘Google-glasses’ style technology will be all the rage.
Donald Trump

Trump could yet win re-election, while electric cars are on course to travel 620 miles in a single charge.

Not quite sure about the Google-glass technology though – kind of got the impression that stuff wasn’t going to take off.

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