Man tries to cure constipation by shoving HUGE aubergine up his butt

Don't try this at home.

A scan of an aubergine.

What would you do if you found yourself suffering from abdominal pain and constipation for two whole days?

Most folk would probably visit their doctor to deal with the issue but one 50-year-old man in China opted for a very different, utterly insane, course of action.

He decided the best thing to do would be to shove a giant aubergine up his anus.

It’s worth noting that there’s no existing medical evidence to suggest aubergines have ever served as a constipation remedy of this kind.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, in this instance the homemade solution proved anything but effective.

In fact, once the unnamed man had managed to get the 30cm long vegetable up inside him, he began to experience even more pain and discomfort.

A further two days of nausea and vomiting followed before he decided to do the sensible thing, at last, and visit the hospital.

Doctors decided to conduct an X-ray scan to assess the damage.

What they discovered was genuinely shocking:

Not only had the man managed to push the aubergine all the way up inside his body, but the vegetable had also gone so far it had begun to cause damage to one of his lungs.

The man was forced to go under the knife, as doctors attempted to remove the vegetable.

Thankfully they succeeded, with the unfortunate soul now recovering from his near-week-long ordeal.

It’s not the first time China has witnessed a case of this kind – one man previously attempted to treat his bowel issues by pushing a live eel up his anus.

Maybe they should just stick to laxatives next time.

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