Man Reveals What Comes Out Of McDonald’s McFlurry Machine And It’s Gross

If this doesn’t put you off a McFlurry, nothing will.

McDonald's McFlurry.
The McDonald's McFlurry. An absolute classic

The McDonald’s McFlurry is something of a fast food national institution up there with the Big Mac or the Chicken McNuggett.

But a new photograph circulating online could be about to change all of that.

It reveals the, supposed, disgusting truth about what lies inside the average McFlurry machine and if this doesn’t put you off ordering ice cream from the Golden Arches, nothing will.

First posted by the Twitter user @phuckyounick, the image purports to show the putrid mess found inside one of the machines.

Though far from a verified source, the Twitter user in question claims to work at McDonald’s and regularly posts images from inside one of the fast food chain’s branches – or at least claims to.

Posted earlier this month, the images were only picked up by the British press more recently.

There is also speculation that the source of the offending photos, @phuckyounick, posted them in response to getting fired by McDonald’s.

@phuckyounick images.

“I got fired from McDonald’s. I strategically planned this because I start working at my new job Friday. I planned on losing my job,” he Tweeted to one inquisitive social media user.

It’s important to remember that no one has actually confirmed whether these images are real, or even come from inside a McDonald’s but they certainly make for grim viewing, whether you are a McFlurry fan or not.

@phuckyounick images.

They also come hot on the heels of research which revealed traces of faecal matter were discovered in the apparatus McDonald’s uses to serve drinks.


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