Man Nearly Dies After Shoving Eel Up Bum To Cure Constipation

He told doctors the eel found its way up there “by accident”

The offending eel.
eel-ly bad That's too grim

Doctors were left shocked after discovering an entire Asian swamp eel inside the stomach of a man who was admitted with severe stomach pains.

It soon became clear that the 49-year-old patient, who was identified by his last name of Liu, had deliberately shoved the half-meter long eel up his anus in a bid to cure a bout of constipation, as Guangdong Television reports.

Liu had previously been diagnosed with the common condition during a previous visit to the doctors.

But rather than stay and get treatment, he instead opted to cure his constipation by forcing an eel up his anus – an act too grim for most people to even contemplate.

Not Liu though. Apparently, it’s a common practice in folk medicine, particularly when treating constipation. Or at least, that was what he thought.

Instead, the eel began to cause extreme pain to his bowels which, if left unchecked, could have resulted in the world’s stupidest death.

In any case, Liu was soon rushed to Guangzhou Dongren Hospital where doctors soon found the eel wriggling around his intestines.

Fortunately, they were able to extract the Asian swamp eel during surgery.

The eel being surgically removed
Surgical spirit

Weighing in at around half a pound, the eel was said to have a head measuring around three to five centimetres in diameter – probably not easy to get up your arse.

Of course, Liu didn’t tell them how the eel originally got there, as Dr Zhao Zhirong explained to the waiting press:

“We asked Mr. Liu when we spotted the eel in his stomach, he said the eel went into his anus by mistake. But after the surgery, he told us that he actually put an eel inside his anus himself.”

Alas, the eel was already dead by the time they found him. What a way to go.

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