Video: Man Wanted After Being Caught Having Sex…With A Moped

We'll call this one, humping the hog...

Caught in the act Man having his way with a moped in Thailand Image Piyarat Manomaihataitip/ Facebook

Thailand is famous for its outlandish sexual exploits but this story takes that concept to a whole other level.

It comes after an arrest warrant was issue for a man caught by CCTV cameras having sex with a moped in the Bura Pha University car park.

His bike of preference was a 50cc Honda which, after perusing it for a couple of minutes, he slit a hole in the seat and started going at it. Apparently not giving a hoot that he was in a very public setting.

In the clip, we see a grainy image of the unidentified individual, unzipping his trousers and leaning over the saddle of the bike, humping away.

Eventually someone showed up and spooked the moped molester who quickly hightailed it.

Piyarat Manomaihataitip, the student who recorded the happening claimed this wasn’t the first time the guy was caught having his way with a two-wheeler. He’s apparently known on the campus for being a sexual deviant who steals women’s underwear off clotheslines and regularly preys on modes of transportation.

’He wants to make love to the mopeds. I think he wants everybody to know exactly he does.We can help him by sharing his disgusting act in public. Now he’s well-known as the man who likes to attack mopeds. If anybody recognises him they need to tell us so we can catch him. People need to be careful with their mopeds, to make sure they’re secure,’ said Piyarat.

University officials and the police are looking into the incidents. But they warn students to protect their mopeds until the problem is resolved. 

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