World’s Dumbest Man Dies Trying To Take Selfie With Bear

Prabhu Bhatara was warned no to approach the stricken bear. He didn't listen.

A grizzly bear gets involved in the action.
A grizzly bear looking grizzly Like a sledgehammer with teeth. Image Getty

A taxi driver in India has been mauled to death after stopping his cab to take a selfie with a bear. And he never even saw it coming.

Prabhu Bhatara was driving back from a wedding when he spotted the opportunity of a lifetime. He’d just jumped out of his SUV to go to the toilet when he saw an injured bear.

At that point a lightbulb evidently went off in Bhatara’s head and he decided to do the only logical thing in that situation: pose for a selfie alongside one of nature’s most ferocious killers.

Bhatara can’t say he wasn’t warned too. He’s dead, but he can’t. All of his passengers had warned him not to approach the bear. Repeatedly, in fact.

But in the social media age, he evidently felt it was too good an opportunity to resist and went in for the picture.

To say that was a mistake would be an understatement. Having gone in for the picture, Bhatara ended up getting a little too close to the bear, with grizzly consequences.

In a bizarre turn of events, a stray dog then arrived on the scene and, for reasons unknown, began fighting with the bear in an attempt to help the stricken taxi driver.

Forest officials soon arrived on the scene near Papadahandi, in Nabarangpur, Odisha, in India but it was already too late.

Though the bear was tranquilised, Bhatara died at the scene, with officials soon discovered the bear had been trying to drink water from a nearby pond when it wasn’t first approached.

Yep. It wasn’t even injured. It might be harsh to describe Bhatara as the world’s dumbest man, but what other possible description could there be for a man who died trying to take a selfie with a bear?

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