Man Details The Painful Experience Of Tearing His Penis During Sex

Bobby Box went through the kind of pain that would bring most men to tears.

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There are plenty of men out there who have experienced the pain of “snapping their banjo string” during sex but few, if any, have been able to capture the unfolding horror of the experience quite like Bobby Box. 

Writing in Women’s Health, Box detailed the experience of injuring his member during a spot of intercourse with his fiancé on New Year’s Eve eve.

In an account that is sure to leave men and maybe even a few women grimacing, Box recalls how events went from a spot of fun in the reverse cowgirl position to an audible crack and one painful penis.

“My genitals looked as if I was smuggling a small water balloon in my scrotum and part of it crept up to my shaft. Although my boner used to confidently point straight forward as if declaring, “I want YOU for the U.S. Army,” it now curved to the right.”

Despite the shocking appearance of his appendage, Box insists it wasn’t as painful as he would have perhaps anticipated and instead felt more like he’d “torn a muscle.”

Having attempted to cool down the wound with a pack of frozen Edamame, Box noted that things appeared to be getting worse with his penis appearing “as if it had a black eye” while also being “much girthier” than before – something he admitted wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

After noting that he was not passing blood in his urine – something which is apparently a bad sign – he went to bed. Come the next morning and something even more gruesome was awaiting him. 

“The dark bruising had completely eclipsed my dick,” Box admits.

“There was maybe a nickel-sized amount of skin that wasn’t bruised.”

“At this point, the color was a deep purple and my balls were even darker.”

Visiting a walk-in clinic to get treatment he was told that the outing lining of his penis had been torn and, with nowhere to go, the rush of blood that kept his penis erect had instead manifested itself in the bruising.

Unfortunately, there was little they could do other than tell him to rest up.

It took Box’s penis three weeks to heal though, even now, it’s not quite the same.

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