Man Climbs Out Hotel Window To Avoid Bill – And Immediately Regrets It

He was staying on the 19th floor – what could possibly go wrong?

The Star Trek facepalm meme.

Walking out on a bill is nothing new – there are plenty of people out there who have bailed on paying up at a restaurant in the past – but running out on a hotel bill is a little trickier.

For one thing, most hotels tend to have your card details on record, just in case anyone does attempt a runner. There’s also the small matter of making your escape past the staff waiting and watching on in reception.

Still, none of that was enough to deter one hotel guest over in China, who hit upon a novel way to get out of paying the bill – in his mind, at least. Rather than check out and face the music, he instead attempted to make his escape via his hotel room window. A hotel room that just happened to be on the 19th floor.

Soon enough, what started out as a daft idea soon evolved into something dangerous and most definitely life-threatening. According to China Daily, the man made his escape via a telephone wire, connected to the outside of the building.

To his way of thinking, it was simply a case of climbing along, Man on a Wire-style, and heading home. But as he began to swing wildly on the telephone line, it became apparent that he was swinging dangerously close to some high-voltage power lines.

One zap would have proven lethal and, after a few minutes attempting his escape, the unnamed man found himself stranded and in need of help. The emergency services were eventually called in to help him down, with much of the man’s ordeal captured on camera by a passer-by for posterity/humiliation.

Next time, just pay the bill.

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