Man caught possessing cocaine blames it on old pair of trousers

We’ve all done it.

Cocaine in the 30s
Dude, don't sniff it... We tried to warn you. Image Picture Henry Guttmann/Getty Images

A man caught in possession of cocaine has blamed the offence on an old pair of trousers.

Jason Edwards was stopped by police last October while examining his van for damage at Pease Pottage Services on the M23.

The 29-year-old was already disqualified from driving, and tried to drive off as police gave chase.

When police caught up with Edwards, they found a small quantity of cocaine in his trousers. Crawley Magistrates Court in Sussex heard that Edwards didn’t realise he had the cocaine in his possession.

“The whole incident was a bit of a bad day and out of character”

Electrician Edwards’ defence lawyer Sally Laiken told the court: “Mr Edwards didn’t realise he had the cocaine on him. They were an old pair of trousers.”

He had borrowed his employer’s van to help him move house, and said he drove off because he was fearful of his employer finding out about the driving offences.

Edwards had only stopped because someone had thrown a bottle at the van, and he was inspecting the damage.

Laiken said: “The whole incident was a bit out of character and a bad day for Mr Edwards. He knows that driving off was a silly thing to do.”

Edwards was fined £580 and ordered to pay costs of £85. Sentencing him, chairman of the bench Carolyn Goodman said the fine would have been higher, but Edwards already has debts of £2,000.

He remains disqualified from driving, and will have 11 points on his licence when it is eventually returned.

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