Man Arrested For DUI Claims His Dog Was The One Driving Erratically

Altogether now: "You ain't nothing but a hound dog..."

In what might be the most ridiculous explanation ever offered to the authorities, a man arrested for drunk driving tried to escape justice by telling police his dog was behind the wheel.

According to court records, 56-year-old Scott Garrett was pulled over by police when officers spotted his 2005 Nissan moving erratically between lanes on a Florida motorway.

State troopers gave chase on Interstate 85, with Garrett pulling over soon after.

Upon contact with the driver, cops reported an “obvious and distinct odor” of booze “coming from inside the vehicle.”

Garrett, meanwhile, as said to have “red, very glassy, and bloodshot” eyes and slurring his words.

Upon inspection of the car, officers also found an open bottle of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

Then, before officers could even get around to performing sobriety tests on the driver, Garrett began to ask troopes whether they would be able to give him a ride home.

Garrett then decided to play his trump card by pining the blame on someone else.

“He then stated he wasn’t driving the vehicle, but it was…actually his dog,” an investigator noted.

There was just one problem: Garrett was “the only occupant” in the car. That’s right: he blamed it on a non-existent dog.

He was very drunk too, of course, with a breath test revealing his alcohol content was more than three times the .08 legal limit.

This wasn’t even his first arrest for driving under the influence – Garrett had three prior convictions.

He’s now facing a day in court and the very real possibility of prison.

Forget the doghouse – he’s going straight to the jailhouse.

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