Malin Akerman On Rampage, Invisible Apes And Watchmen

The Billions actress talked video game movies with loaded.

Malin Akerman didn’t sign up for Rampage, the Dwayne Johnson movie based on the arcade classic, because of any particular fondness for the source material.

“I knew of Rampage,” she admits to loaded. “I remember seeing it at the arcades as a teenager, but I never actually played it.” No, the Swedish-Canadian actress known for shows like Billions and the movie version of Watchmen had another reason to sign up: she wanted to be bad.

Cast as villainous CEO Claire Wyden, the dastardly mind behind the film’s three super-sized animals, it’s fair to say Akerman has a blast playing against type and that was a big factor behind taking the role.

“The appeal of the role and playing a villain which was something new and exciting,” she said. “Then you have this little up and coming actor called Dwayne Johnson. Plus it’s a massive fun, pure entertainment blockbuster entertainment of it all.”

Despite their limited screen time together, Akerman only has nice things to say about Johnson too. “I only had two days with him because we don’t really like each other in this moviel” she laughed. “He’s lovely. He’s this big man who you feel could be intimidating but he’s so disarming. I love the fact he’s self-deprecating.”

And loaded had to ask – could he one day become President Johnson? “Yeah, I think he’s realty intelligent. I don’t know his political views but go for it.” Not that he was the only stand out character on set, with Akerman also full of praise for director Brad Peyton and his ability to direct a film that relied on a hell of a lot of CGI.

“You’re emoting with a tennis ball. I was on green screen with this ball on a stick. There’s a lot of imagination required,” she said. “Thankfully we had Brad Peyton on hand to show us what they looked like.”

And regardless of whether she returns for the sequel, Akerman has a neat idea for the sequel. Or, more specifically, the next animal they should look to create a super-sized hybrid of. “I would like to see a big rat, maybe mixed with some kind of flying animal. A flying rat dragon,” she said.

And with plans for films based on Super Mario and Sonic along with a Street Fighter TV series on the cards, Akerman hasn’t ruled out returning for another video game movie either.”Absolutely. If the roles are well written. That’s what I liked about this one. I’m down for anything,” she said.

Last but not least, loaded could let Akerman go without asking for her thoughts on the upcoming Watchmen TV series. She was pretty positive too.

“A TV series is brilliant because you have a lot more time. There’s so much going on in that graphic novel. That film could have been a trilogy. This is a smart way to tell that story because you have so much more time to breathe through those characters.”

Rampage in in cinemas now.

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