The Male G-Spot: An Orgasm From This Will Make You See Stars

This overlooked pleasure centre could be the key to great sex.

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The elusive G-spot is considered the pleasure centre of women, but did you know the male body also contains one?

Now, most assume that men can orgasm pretty quickly, especially when compared to women who seem to have a tougher time achieving the big O. But there is another way to up the orgasm ante for the lads that doesn’t involve the penis at all.

Once located and integrated into sex play, a man’s G-spot can produce a sensation so intense, it can make you see stars.

This magic button isn’t a spot but rather an organ; the walnut-sized prostate which can be found under the bladder is the ticket to happiness.

loaded found a few ways you can achieve the most incredible sex of your life…

The Prostate/Cure Today

Wrap it up

This kind of experience is all about preparation. While the female G-spot os located within her vagina, the man’s is about three inches inside his anus. Therefore this is butt play, so get her to wrap her fingers in a condom that is already lubricated. It should slide up there pretty easily. Alternatively, there are butt plugs and toys that can do the job for you as well.

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A toy like this one is useful/ Amazon

Start with the taint

Get her to massage the bit between your anus and testicles – the taint. It’s directly connected to the prostate which is FULL of nerve endings, more than the tip of the penis. The taint is a live sexual wire and can start you off right.


It’s time to stick her fingers up there, allow her fingers to insert up to two inches then curl towards the front of your body until she hits a lump of tissue. Get her to tap and swirl her fingertip around it. Communicate with each other about what speed you’re comfortable with then prepare for blast off.

Milk the prostate

The whole experience is beneficial for superficial reasons, but it can also help out your health. ‘Milking’ the prostate releases toxins that can help PREVENT cancer.

It’s an area of the male anatomy that is often overlooked so next time you get between the sheets, ask her if she’s willing to give it a go. But please, return the favour. No one likes a selfish lover…

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