‘Male Contraceptive Pill’ Closer Than Ever After Monkey Trails

It's coming sooner than you'd think.

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The ‘male pill’ is closer than ever after undergoing successful monkey trials.

A major breakthrough has been made during testing on Vasalgel, a gel-based product which was found to be 100% effective at preventing conception in primates over a two-year period.

As The Guardian reports, Vasalgel involves an injection of gel into the sperm carrying tube, which acts as a barrier for long periods of time.

The Parsemus Foundation, who funded the research into the product, believe it can become a popular alternative to vasectomies in the near future.           

“Men’s options for contraception have not changed much in decades,” said Catherine VandeVoort of the California National Primate Research Centre [via Esquire].

“There’s vasectomy, which is poorly reversible, and condoms. If they knew they could get a reliable contraceptive that could also be reversed I think it would be appealing to them.”

VandeVoort was also hopeful that the primate tests would lead to successful human trials over the next few years.

“One of the great things about the monkey model is that the male reproductive tract is very similar to humans and they have even more sperm than humans do. Chances are, it’s going to be effective in humans,” she said.

It’s not the only male contraceptive product in the works either. It was previously reported that a pill which renders men infertile for a few days at a time could be available by 2021.

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