New Male Contraception ‘Turns Sperm On And Off’ With A Switch

Could 'The Dick Click' replace the vasectomy?

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There are plenty of male contraceptives in development at the moment, but a new ‘switch’ device has been revealed which might be the strangest of the lot…

A new device, called the ‘Dick Click’, essentially works in the same way as a vasectomy. It operates via surgically-inserted valves, which allows people to ‘switch their sperm on and off’ like a tap when required.

It’s so effective in fact, that some believe it may eventually replace the vasectomy forever [via ATTN].

While there is a surgical procedure involved, it would mean the vasectomy – which involves cutting the tubes which transport the testicles to the urethra – wouldn’t be required.

The Dick Click
The Dick Click The new male contraceptive Image Facebook/ATTN

Sounds great, right? Believe it or not though, there is a catch…

After the surgery, patients are left with a pretty hefty switch lodged in their scrotum.

It sits under the skin, and can be activated simply by pressing down hard into the off or on position.

The Dick Click


Experts have also raised concerns about the possible side effects of the device, including Wolgang Bühmann from the Professional Association of German Urologists.

“My assessment is that implanting the valve could cause scarring where it meets the vas deferens,” he said.

Meanwhile, the more sophisticated-sounding ‘male pill’ is apparently closer than ever before to coming on the market, after a series of breakthrough tests.

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