Male Birth Control Injection Comes With Major Side Effects Blokes Can’t Handle

Women have been putting up with this for decades – what gives?

Male birth control administered as a shot
Put the needle on it Male birth control administered as a shot? Image Getty

A new study has revealed that a male birth control injection has proven to be effective – but it came with major side effects that subjects couldn’t handle.

Research published by Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism tested the safety and effectiveness of the contraceptive shot with 320 couples in monogamous relationships.

The study was co-sponsored by the United Nations and started way back in September 2008, targeting men between the ages of 18 and 45 who registered normal sperm counts.

Administered every two months, the 1,000 milligrams of synthetic testosterone and 200 milligrams of norethisterone enanthate shut down the testicle’s production of testosterone and sperm.

Despite its effectiveness, the study was axed in 2012 with men complaining of depression and mood swings.

Women taking the pill have been experiencing side effects ranging from nausea to mood changes and a dip in libido for decades.

Elisabeth Lloyd, professor of biology at the Kinsey Institute, referenced a recent study looking at the link between women taking the pill and the subsequent use of antidepressants.

“I immediately thought of the recent findings on female birth control,” CNN quotes Lloyd as saying.

“20 or 30% of the women who take oral birth control pills experience depression and have to take medication for it. So the difference just struck me.

“They terminated this study once it showed 3% depression for the men.”

Perhaps these injections were too potent? Or do blokes need to realise that male birth control will be just as difficult for them as it is for women.

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