The New Nokia 3310 Has Arrived… But There’s A Problem

It was always too good to be true.

The Nokia 3310 mobile phone.
The Nokia 3310 A thing of beauty Image Nokia

Nokia recently announced it was bringing back its classic 3310 device, and thousands of people, loaded included, pretty much lost their shit online.

After all, the original 3310s were totally indestructible, and had battery life that seemed to last for years – who wouldn’t want one?

The new 3310, which looks a little different to the classic model, was recently revealed at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, and all the early signs were good.

However, there could be a big problem for the nostalgic Nokia users planning to buy the phone in 2017.

The device has been released specifically for people to use as a back-up phone while travelling, but here’s the thing – it actually doesn’t work in a bunch of places around the world.

The Nokia 3310 being released this year actually still relies on the same 2G frequencies the old ones did back in the days before iPhones.

As a result, the phones won’t actually work in the United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Switerland to name a few, as 2G has long-since been abandoned.

It still works in most European countries, but with the phone specifically aimed at people to use while travelling, it’s a bit of a blunder.

On the plus side though, it boasts a battery life of a month when in standby mode, as well as the original snake game which, let’s be honest, is the real reason you want one.

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