From Magic Mike to Mordecai – Olivia Munn’s sexiest Movie & TV Moments

The X-Men star may have turned down Deadpool but she has plenty of equally great films in her can

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Olivia Munn looks set to wow cinema goers later this month when she steps into the role of Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse but it could have been even better for comic book fans.

Speaking in an interview with American Way Magazine, the Hollywood beauty revealed that she had been offered the part of the “the girlfriend” in Deadpool’s recent big screen outing.

And while Loaded like the idea of Munn teaming up with Ryan Reynolds for that film, the sight of her as a leather-clad, sword-loving femme fatale in the new X-Men movie more than makes up for it.

To whet your appetite ahead of the release of the new movie, here are some of her finest turns from movies and television shows gone by – and yes, that includes the cinematic war crime Mordecai.


Accidentally On Purpose

Accidentally on Purpose was a sitcom that ran for one single 18-episode season back in late 2009 before being cancelled.

Would it have survived if Munn’s super sexy guest appearance had been turned into something more permanent? Probably not, as it was utter shit.


Ride Along 2

The sequel to the Kevin Hart/Ice Cube cop comedy vehicle got a major boost of nitrous oxide – that’s one for the Fast & Furious fans out there – courtesy of the addition of Munn’s hard-as-nails detective.

That she also happened to looking incredible in a ball gown was obviously an added bonus and helped distract viewers from the notable lack of other things – like jokes.


James Bond (Sort of)

Alright, this is cheating but this clip from her stint on Attack of the Show had to be included, simply for the fact it features a leather clad Munn – something no discerning admirer should be deprived off.


Lesbionic Woman

A spoof trailer for a film about some kind of lesbian robot. Enough said.


Attack the Show

Like the iconic moment when David Frost met Richard Nixon, this classic pairing brought Munn together with a mustard-covered sausage. Television at it’s finest.



Munn loved a good guest appearance on a popular television show in the mid-2000s and here she is enjoying herself on Chuck. No, we didn’t watch it either.


The Babymakers

With a name like The Babymakers, this film was always likely to feature a bit of ‘fun time’ action but even we couldn ‘t have predicted the amount of nudity that featured in this ‘comedy’ or the threesome with a future star of The Walking Dead.




This steaming shit of a movie may have been critically reviled and the latest in a long line of cinematic atrocities committed by Johnny Depp but at least it had Munn and a scene that required the titular character to touch her boobs. That’s five stars from us!


Magic Mike

Channing Tatum would have you believe that Magic Mike is all about hot male nudity, but don’t let the sight of his sizeable  buns get in the way of giving this a watch because Olivia gives him a run for his Munn-ey (geddit) when it comes to two showing off their rather sizable chesticles. Wow.

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