Maggie Grace On Hurricane Heist, Taken 4 and Lost

The star of the brilliantly bonkers Hurricane Heist talked action with loaded.

Could a super hurricane ever be used as part of the elaborate theft of millions and millions of dollars due to be destroyed?

That’s not a question we ever imagined asking Lost and Taken star Maggie Grace. However, it’s essentially the plot of her new movie, Hurricane Heist.

Directed by Rob Cohen, the filmmaker that brought us the first Fast & Furious movie and XXX, it’s a brilliantly bonkers genre mash-up that also stars Toby Kebbell, Ryan Kwanten and The Office’s very own Chris Finch, Ralph Ineson with some striking American accents.

To make the release, loaded spoke to grace about hurricanes, doing her own stunts, action movies, another Taken sequel and Lost.

loaded: Why did you sign up for Hurricane Heist?

Maggie: To work with Rob Cohen. He knows his way around an action sequence as The Fast and The Furious and XXX show. I also knew Toby Kebbell was on board and liked the fact that a lot of practical special effects were employed, rather than CGI. We crated that storm in front of the lens. It was a crazy experience. There were great stunt doubles but did a lot of the sequences ourselves, which was intense.

loaded: So, was this your most bruising film experience to date?

Maggie: For sure. I was in a harness hooked up to wires, with a wet suit and costume on and more harnesses getting hoisted up, three storeys, upside down with a 100-mph wind machine and all this debris spinning around us. It was a lot to overcome. Great for core strength though.

loaded: Was it refreshing to be playing a very capable female action movie lead?

Maggie: That was definitely an appealing part of it. I’ve played a lot of women who have been ill-prepared for the situations they find themselves in. It was nice to play someone who was very capable and had the training. The fight scenes were rad too.

loaded: What was the toughest scene to film?

Maggie: Probably the toughest day was during the flood work. It was November in Bulgaria and it was cold. We were working in a giant warehouse using flood tanks and to be in there all day was a tough one. they released about 44,000 gallons of water at once in one sequence. It was so cold and barely anyone was talking.

loaded: What was it like to work with Ralph Ineson? He’s a bit of a cult figure in the UK.

Maggie: I loved Ralph and it was great to see him in Ready Player One recently. He’s got such screen presence. Seriously, that guy sounds like he gargles asphalt for breakfast. Really funny too.

loaded: Will there be a Hurricane Heist 2?

Maggie: I’m not sure, but then I never thought there would be a Taken 2 or 3 and I was wrong about that. It wasn’t a story that was setup for sequels. I guess it would need to be something where someone was seeking out another hurricane and I don’t know any of these characters would want to be drawn back into it. But then some people are stalked by drama.

loaded: Was the science behind this film legit?

Maggie: No, I would not say it was legit. But I don’t think that was the intent. These are fantastical events. People don’t use hurricanes as weapons. But you know that when you are buying a ticket. You know that with film’s like Fast & Furious. These are fun action movies. The only science that is real is that we are seeing a lot more hurricanes and that’s down to global warming. As for using a hurricane to your advantage? Just no. That’s not happening.

loaded: Has this given you a taste for more action? How about a female-led Taken sequel?

Maggie: It would depend on the script. What was really interesting for me about the first one was the way it exposed human trafficking. That was something that wasn’t talked about much in mainstream culture. Not that it was something that happens to privileged people on vacation. It affects the vulnerable in society. So if it shone more of a light on that it could work

loaded: Do you still get questions about Lost?

Maggie: Yeah, it’s really funny. It seems like a lot of people are watching it from the beginning again right now, because I’m getting a lot demands for answers. Answers I can’t give.

Hurricane Heist is in cinemas now.

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