Macaulay Culkin Reveals Why He Can’t Watch Home Alone

The man behind Kevin McCallister has opened up about his most famous role.

Christmas prank
The perfect prank

He may be the beloved star of the much-loved Home Alone movies but, whatever you do, don’t ever ask Macaulay Culkin to watch them with you.

Culkin became one of the biggest stars on the planet back in the early 90s, thanks to the John Hughes family comedy, Home Alone, and its sequel Home Alone 2: Lost In New York.

Those films made the young actor a household name, leading to a string of successful movies before Culkin called it quits, largely retiring from the film world to focus on school and other projects away from the limelight.

Home Alone and Home Alone 2 both remain firm festive favourites though, meaning Culkin is still inundated with questions and requests from fans asking him to relive some of his character, Kevin McCallister’s, most memorable moments.

They will probably receive short shrift though, as Culkin explained during a rare public appearance on The Ellen Show in which he revealed that fans have often asked to watch Home Alone with him – something he is both “flattered” and also “creeped out” by.

“It’s background radiation at Christmas time. I’ve had people who want to watch it with me, which is both flattering and creepy.

“When I’m watching it I’m remembering that day on the set, like how I was hiding my Pepsi behind the couch,’ he explained, ‘I can’t watch it the same way other people do.”

Culkin also revealed how the enduring popularity of the two films has forced him to become something of a shut-in during the holiday seasons in the US.

“I definitely don’t [go out of the house at Christmas and Thanksgiving.] It’s my season. It’s Macaulay season. I try to go out less and less around that time of year.”

And while the budding musician and podcaster appreciates some of the fandom surrounding the films, he flat out refuses to do one thing: pull the classic “shocked face” with his hands on his cheeks from the movie’s poster.

“I’m like, “No, been there done that already. I’m 37 now, OK”.” He said.

In a frank interview, the Home Alone icon also explained why he walked away from the movie business all those years ago.

“I was tired of it. I did like 14 movies in six years. It’s a lot. I was away from home a lot, I was away from school. I needed to grow and develop as a person. I was actually looking forward to going to school. I lived the dream,” he said.

“It was great to be around people my own age for once. I’m always treated differently. At the same time that’s the kind of stuff you have to figure out. ‘It was the smartest thing I possibly could’ve done, taking eight years off.”

Despite his objections, loaded still has a great idea for one more Home Alone film – and it involves Harry and Marv too.

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