Lovely Is The Little Device Being Called The Fitbit For Your Penis

This is one exercise device we can all enjoy using.

Image Lovely Inc.

Lovely is the fitbit for your penis. Yes, we said it. Every muscle in your body deserves the chance to achieve its physical potential, including the old boy. Well this little gadget could lend a helping hand.

Described as the ‘smart and wearable sex toy for couples,’ lovely comes with an accompanying app for your smart phone.

How does it work?

The device is made from medical grade silicone that stretches and adapts to the size of the user’s penis and monitors body movements during sex while also stimulating your partner’s clitoris due to its vibration feature.

It also measures calories burned, and gives personalised ideas after gathering data based on your style of lovemaking. It studies every thrust in order to maximise sensations and spice things up in the bedroom as well as lengthen erection time.



Lovely does this by constricting blood flow, if more blood is inside the penis for a longer period – ‘it results in a bigger and longer lasting erection says the company website.’

The app also has a library of 120 sex positions to try based on your custom assessment.



It was created by a group of tech savvy designers and engineers from all over the world but based in Poland. Its available for the bargain price of £139 and comes in many different colours, the app also includes an array of languages so it’s universally appealing. 

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