The Lost Ending Has Finally Been Explained

About bloody time!

Lost ending finally explained
Lost The passengers of Flight 815. Image ABC

Extracting any kind of spoiler from JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof or the team behind Lost is very much like getting blood from a stone. It just doesn’t happen.

The iconic science-fiction series ended six years ago, and many fans are still none the wiser as to what actually went down in those final moments.

They all died in the plane crash in episode one and everything that followed was hell, heaven or purgatory? That popular thinking has been quashed thanks to actor Michael Emerson, who played sinister villain Ben Linus in the show.

Appearing at the The Walking Dead’s annual Walker Stalker Convention, Emerson let the cat fully out of the bag to end six years of wild speculation and fan theories.

“The one thing I’m sure of on the show is that everything you saw happen on the island really happened. Let’s call that the first five seasons. All of that is real,” MoviePilot quoted Emerson as saying.

“The ending is way in the future. Years, centuries, millennia have past. We’re in an anti-chamber to the hereafter, to eternity, if you will. All the characters on the show have come here to celebrate the end of life.

“They’re all going to pass through to a happy afterlife. Just as in a Shakespeare, everybody goes two by two. It’s couples.

“That’s because, I think, by the rules of Lost, you can only pass into heaven (if you want to call it that) with a mirror redeemer. With someone who has loved you without reservation. for yourself.

“Everybody had that, I think, except for Benjamin Linus. That’s why he can’t go. That’s why he has to wait. He needs to find his mirror redeemer.”

Probably serves Linus right for being a prize prick and killing John Locke. Nobody deserves happiness after that.

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