How Scandinavia is saving the world with supermarkets

Environmentally-minded Danish stores are introducing zero-packaging on food and produce.

LØS Market Scandanavia
How to save the world LØS Market in Scandanavia has a zero-packaging policy. Image Picture LØS Market/Facebook

The environment is a fragile place. Global warming, overpopulation, deforestation and animal extinction are just some of the biggest threats to the planet.

Special praise, then, to the LØS Market supermarket in Denmark for doing their bit to help the planet with a zero packaging policy.

According to Food Tank, the shop will sell more than 400 organic products with the aim to source them locally. Customers can bring their own containers to fill up, while compostable paper bags and empty bottles for liquids will be made available in the shop free of charge.

“Research indicates that an increasing number of customers have an escalating demand for smaller food packages.”

Bottles can be returned and LØS will wash them and put them back on the shop floor.

The Copenhagen-based LØS Market is following in the footsteps of a similarly eco–conscious store in Berlin, Germany called Original Unverpackt. That opened back in 2014 and is still going strong today.

Frédéric Hamburger and Constance Leth are the brains behind LØS and will open it up this summer.

Selina Juul, found of Denmark’s Stop Wasting Food movement, explained the reasons behind the drive to save on packaging and food waste.

“Research indicates that an increasing number of customers have an escalating demand for smaller food packages, as a growing part of Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s population is singles – in Denmark alone one-fifth of the population is singles,” she said.

LØS in Danish aptly translates to “single item” and “to find a solution.” With this new eco-friendly store it appears Scandinavia is doing just that.

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